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Best Hair Habits To Shield Your Hair From Damage

It is precise that what we consume has great impact on hair health.The foundation for good

hair is good health habits. In this Modern fashion world there are wide variety of branded products available within our reach to look after our hair yet all of them only helps for external appearance rather than nourishment from inside.Our hair needs Vitamin A,C,E,B5,B6,B12,Iron,Zinc,Protein and fatty acids for not only stunning and stronger hair but to prevent hair loss and to create favourable ambience for hair growth.Lets consider to ingest eggs,oily fish,chicken, red meat,spinach, carrots, lentils,sweet potatoes,nuts especially walnut,Oats,fresh fruits mainly avocado,gooseberries,blueberries,papaya and kiwi for healthy hair.Beans has the capability to reduce the hair fall especially soy beans,black beans and kidney beans stimulates thicker hair growth.Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.

The major reason for the damaged hair is often by improper care,excessive use of shampoo and styling and some of them are due to poor nutrition which we could fix it when we follow the golden rules such as free ourselves from using chemical products instead go ahead and use natural organic products which is less harm infact it improves your hair with regular use ,set a routine for hair care like hair massage using hair oils , deep conditioning with hair masks and stimulate hair roots by brushing hair flipping upside down starting from nape and eating healthy food but make sure not to overdo.

Certainly using hair oils nourish your hair from root to tip but you do not want greasy hair with too much oil.Its better to use twice or three times before bed and shower in the morning or can use it an hour before shower and also its good idea to brush your hair with wide tooth comb before shower .Avoid brushing your hair when its wet.Recommended and best results proven hair oils are,

Black cumin seed Oil,

Rosemary essential oil,

Avocado hair oil,

Pumpkin seed oil,

Khadi Amla hair oil,

Organic Sesame oil and Flax seed oil

Even though Castor oil is great for your hair you cannot use it by itself rather use it with homemade hair mask besides its good to use by itself on your eyebrows ,eyelashes and beard for extra thickness.

Try to limit using shampoo everyday ,gently massage your scalp with fingertips while lathering and use the conditioner from end to root.Actually you could avoid on roots if you have fine hair as it weigh down your hair.Remember not to message or scrub conditioner on your scalp which makes worse than better.Another important thing is using cool or luke -warm water to shower increase hair life.Make an effort to deep condition your hair with simple home made mask once in a week for gorgeous hair.Trim your hair often and avoid regular chemical treatments such as colouring ,relaxing and permanent straightening

Invest some money on buying quality styling tool.When you buy Straightener at least look for ceramic coated plates and with dryer look for different air flow settings and attachments with cool shot .Keep away from using this tools as much as possible instead in summer time you could let it dry naturally and during winter time plan ahead shower at night then use smoothing serum or styling spray on damp hair and leave it to dry naturally .Its hard to look after our hair in winter weather as it cause dry ,frizzy and dull hair. To prevent that we must use extra moisturising shampoo and deep conditioning Mask and also central heating ,hot showers strip away moisture and natural oil from our hair leaving dry and flaky.Best solution for that is Body shop ginger shampoo and conditioner and do not forget to look into ginger mask recipe in our blog page.

Hair loss is the biggest worry for most of us.Try to figure out underlying causes with professionals when loosing hair even after proper care.Some of them have beautiful and luscious hair naturally due to hereditary yet some loose hair by the same gene.tic reason. Its nearly impossible to stop the hair fall but minimise it in early stage by using minoxidil both in men and women.Hypothyroidism,hormonal imbalance, Poly cystic Ovarian syndrome are the main causes in women to loose their hair. Regulating these imbalances effectively with medication and diet will improve the hair issues.Intake of primrose evening oil,turmeric tea with honey and ginger as well as moringa tea with honey and lemon in empty stomach will improve the condition.Sometimes scalp infections plays the role in hair loss,in that case consulting your doctor is important.


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