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Don't need to spend fortune for gorgeous hair!!

Is there anyone out there who do not wish to have a great hair day every day!.

Everyone admires beautiful,thick and healthy hair regardless of its length.Would you believe that we could fix mostly any kind of hair issues with available ingredients from our kitchen.

Hair Masks are often used to combat the hair issues from the damage and stress we put through excessive shampoo,styling or at times exposure to the extreme weather. It can be

used by all who likes to achieve strong,shiny and nourished hair but it is essential to be consistent in use, spend some time and show TLC towards our hair for long lasting results.

Why not try out some of the Hair mask ideas from inexpensive natural,harmless ingredients listed below?

1.Ginger Hair Mask:

You Need:

4 tbsp of Ginger Juice+ 2 tbsp of Coconut oil+1 tbsp of Lemon Juice

How 2 Do:

Peel the ginger and cut into small pieces.Make fine paste using blender.If you do not want to use the blender grate it finely.Strain it using strainer/muslin cloth.Now mix coconut oil and then lemon juice.Apply this mix on dry hair starting from roots taking section by section using the comb.Leave it for minimum 10 minutes but no longer than 30 minutes.Finally wash it with moisturising Shampoo and conditioner


Ginger is best known for its medicinal properties and its usage in clearing sore throat but it is best for healthy hair too.Ginger on scalp stimulates the root and triggers hair follicles which promotes hair growth.Rich sources of fatty acids,nourishing minerals and vitamins prevent hair loss.Lemon and Ginger is an excellent remedy for dandruff and itchy scalp.Coconut oil nourish,enhance shine and improve the hair texture.

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2. Aloe Vera Hair Mask:

You need:

4 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel+1 tbsp Castor oil or Vitamin E oil + 2 tbsp Coconut Milk

How 2 Do:

Remove the outer skin,separate the interior gel from the outside of the leaf.Cut aloe gel into slices or cubes ,then mash it with the spoon to make fine paste.If you like you could use the blender but it makes watery . At this stage add castor oil ,if you are using vitamin E oil limit coconut milk amount due to the less consistency than castor oil.Apply the combined mixture evenly on your hair strands and rub it on the scalp using fingertips or brush but not with cotton ball as it absorbs the aloe.Leave it for up to 30 minutes and wash it off and feel the difference.


Aloe Vera has wide range of health benefits and it can be used both internally and externally.

Proteolytic enzymes in aloe helps to heal and repair the damaged cells in the scalp.Combined with castor oil yield an excellent recipe for hair growth.Aloe Vera could be beneficial in a variety of ways as it contains anti inflammatory , anti fungal properties and also packed with Vitamin C,E,B-12,Folic acid as well as amino acids which provide nourishment to the hair.Coconut milk restores dry,damaged and brittle hair. Aloe is generally considered as safe to use but those who prone to develop allergic reaction with onion,garlic and tulip likely to be at risk.If you are in doubt consider patch test in small area before use.

3.Avocado Hair Mask:

You Need:

1 Ripe Avocado +1 tbsp olive / Castor oil / oil of your choice + 1 tbsp of Raw Honey +2 tbsp ( or as needed) Coconut milk +1 tsp Rosemary or cumin seed oil (optional)

How 2 Do:

You need perfectly ripened avocado for this Mask.Cut the fruit into half ,remove the pit and scrap the flesh into the blender as well as other ingredients.Blend it all until it get smooth consistency,make sure no chunks in it .Simple and easy hair mask ready in no time. I know

its hard not to get tempted to eat but its time for applying from the end to top.If you have fine hair avoid roots stop few inches before as applying to roots could weigh down fine hair.Leave this mask for about an hour ,Relax and wash it off with lukewarm water with your favourite shampoo and conditioner as usual.


Are you looking to grow your hair naturally,avocado would be best the solution.Try to consume the fruit often, apply avocado hair oil on regular basis,put hair mask once in week consistently, sure you will notice the difference. It provides long lasting deep hydration,repairs, restore and promote healthy hair growth.Honey act as humectant,provides deep nourishment and retain moisture.Castor oil and Rosemary oil is known for hair growth booster.This mask feeds your hair with all the basic essential nutrients for optimal hair growth.

4. Papaya Hair Mask:

You need:

Ripe Papaya slices ( depends on hair length) + Yogurt + few drops of Coconut oil

How to Do:

Use food processor/ blender to make fine paste out of the ingredients mentioned above. Take care that you do not use unripe papaya as it produce latex fluid which could cause irritation and allergic reaction. Start applying from the end to top,rest it for 30 minutes and wash it off with mild shampoo and conditioner


Papaya is one of the great fruits also known as Super fruit,rich in antioxidants,minerals,fibres and nutrients. It nourishes the hair shaft , creates the volume and prevents the split ends. Papaya naturally removes excess oil,chemical buildup and dirt from the hair. It also makes hair stronger and smoother. Coconut oil helps to make soft and shiny hair. Yogurt helps to calm frizz and moisturise the hair.

5. Fenugreek seeds Hair Mask:

You need:

1 tbsp of Fenugreek seeds + 2 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel

How 2 Do:

Soak 1 tbsp of fenugreek seeds overnight.Drain the soaked water and make it fine paste using blender / food processor ,add aloe Vera gel to the paste and mash it well.

Use the strainer or muslin cloth to extract juice out of the mixture.Now apply this juice from root to end or just on the scalp.Leave it on the hair at least 2 hours before washing. Fenugreek seeds available in most of the Asian stores ,some of the supermarkets ( such as Tesco,Morrison )have stock.If not buy it here


Fenugreek seeds are rich in potassium and protein which prevents premature grey and fight against baldness. Nicotinic acid encourages hair growth and Lecithin energise hair follicles. It also reverse the damaged hair like split ends and controls frizz.Regular use of fenugreek seed hair mask will helps fine hair to grow back into strong and thick hair.


Hibiscus Hair Mask

2 tbsp hibiscus powder +2 tbsp of Aloe Vera gel + 2 tbsp of natural yogurt +2 tsp of Rosemary / black cumin seed oil

How 2 Do:

Prepare the Mask by mixing all the ingredients in a bowl .Blend it well till you get the desired consistency to apply it on your hair.Alternatively you can also use hibiscus leaves for this mask,if you have fresh leaves prepare fine paste with aloe Vera gel instead of water using blender and then add rest of the ingredients to the mixture.Begin from the end to root, wait for an hour and wash it with chemical free shampoo and conditioner.


Hibiscus mask is one of the most popular treatment in Ayurveda. It is a natural deep conditioner which enhances shine and bounce while hydrating your hair. It promotes the hair growth and prevents hair loss.Aloe Vera adds strength and lustre,controls dandruff with its anti fungal properties .Rosemary essential oil and black cumin seed oil accelerate the speed of hair growth.Use this mask for silky soft,shine boosted smooth hair.


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